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Temple of honor by bib993
by bib993

This is really breathtaking. It has a certain outlandish beauty which just makes me look and look! To even more enhance this work, I'd ...


Xantilia by silverexpress
A futuristic / Neu-superheroine character of mine...
Ebola by silverexpress
What is going on now in Western Africa is horrible, and I really hope the plauge get stopped soon. Some conceptual art to somewhat get if off my chest. 
Bus Girl by silverexpress
Bus Girl
One upon a time there was a little girl who drove her big blue bus across the country....
Interspecies Intercourse by silverexpress
Interspecies Intercourse

Ifrana had no idea what she volunteered to when she enlisted as a Human Diplomat to Rerphreda. Perhaps she had expected some kind of adventure, seeing exotic places and going to fancy coctail parties. But the Rerphredans had their very own, different view point upon interspecies exchanges; to them a connection in the way of an intercourse was a highly regarded cultural exchange and a noble way to understand another race. So to really get under their skin and understand them - and thus secure interstellar peace and trade security in the Rerphredan-Azalone sector, the humans had to play along. Therefore the diplomats sent were received under Rerphredan protocol. Which meant an interspecies intercourse. And to make sure nothing went wrong; the human diplomatic volunteers were secured to the walls in the embassy reception rooms, using titanium chackles. For their own safety as well as prevent any embarrasing scene.


To Ifrana it was scary at first. Naturally she struggled when the large set of steel doors at the other end cranked open, the lukewarm water she was seated in whirled around and the first tentacles became visible. Then they came at her and she had to gather all her self-control to not scream out loud. But at the first tactile contact... It was as if something changed. Ifrana began to experience a strange sensation of relaxation bliss and enhanced sensations. There were synesthesia, she heard the lime colours of the tentacles, smelled the sound of the water gurgling against her skin and her head became light and heavy at the same time, her eye sight shifted to better behold the small, blue and green bioluminescent spots on the tentacles.


When the tentacles slithered over her body, wetting her, she was shivering, feeling an unexpected ecstasy. And that even before two of them entered her privates, one each way, tracing themselves up inside of her. Reaching inside and using some unknown sense to discover her triggers of bliss, bestowing her with mind-boggling orgasms like she had never experienced before. Ifrana had no idea how long this went on, the only thing she knew was that she never wanted it to stop, even though she was more or less dead scared and highly embarrassed somewhere in the back of her mind.


She had no idea if it was one single entity exploring her or if there were several down there in the water. In fact she had a hard time keeping track on how many times a tentacle retreated from her cavities and another – or was it the same – slipped inside again to treat her with another awesome orgasm until she was trembling all over, straining her shackles to come off and to just slip down in the water and faint. After a while she wanted it to never end.


Yet, before she knew it, it was over and the tentacles begun to withdraw and just minutes later they slipped out the way they had come, the doors slammed shut and she was left in the semi-darkness spent and exhausted.


When the human orderlies came and let her loose later, she could hardly speak of her experience. She lacked real words. Only thing she knew was that she wanted to go back, even if she still was death scared of the Rerphredans – not to mention of her own reaction to the way she had been treated in that small and water filled room. Cultural Exchange indeed! 

The Humanoids is the group for all of us who want to show our Humanoid art.

A humanoid is a being that has an appearance resembling a human being. More generally, the term can refer to anything with uniquely human characteristics and/or adaptations, such as possessing opposable appendage (thumbs) or the ability to walk in an upright position.

In fantasy settings the term humanoid is used to refer to a human-like fantastical creature, such as a dwarf, an elve or an ogre. In SciFi, the term humanoid is most commonly used to refer to alien or cybernetic beings with a body plan that is generally like that of a human, including upright stance and bipedalism. (walking on two legs)

So if you have angels, elves, robots, gnomes, ogres, vampires, gods, cyborgs, zombies, anthros, fairies, mermaids et cetera et cetera - welcome to this group and show them to us


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